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Specialty Canopies

Specialty Canopies

Park’ N Shade offers specialty canopies built specifically for areas in which traditional carports are not a viable option. Our canopies are economically designed to offer the most coverage possible. These canopies can be engineered to a cover anything from oversized RVs to small canoes or fishing boats. These ramadas are designed to cover concrete pads with picnic benches or common areas. Block the hot summer sun or the cold wintery rain with a Park’ N Shade built steel canopy.

Often times our clients need protection for their storage of boxes, tools, or possessions they don’t want to left exposed to the elements. Park’ N Shade designs and installs sturdy, economical storage sheds and structures to help protect valuables from rain or sunshine. We specifically design each structure to the customers specifications to ensure they have sufficient space to store everything they need.

Another Park’ N Shade specialty is our walkway and sidewalk canopies. Many schools, government buildings, and commercial centers like to offer shaded walkways to help keep their customers cool in the heat and dry in the rain. These walkway canopies are uniquely designed to fit perfectly along side buildings, or follow wavy walkways. Each is painted to match its surroundings and blend in well with existing vegetation or buildings.

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